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Eliminating Startle Response

Startle response is a common symptom of post traumatic stress. Until recently people have not known how to make startle response go away, but new developments in the field of trauma resolution that are coming from an emerging field called Human Software Engineering now make it possible to get rid of startle response permanently, and it is easier than you might think.

People who have startle response certainly know what it is. Military veterans who have been in combat zones but are not back home and are trying to integrate back into normal civilian life have been know to jump to the floor and lie flat when hearing a car backfire, mistaking it for some kind of weapon being fired. It happens as such a reflex reaction that there is not time to figure out that it is not a real threat. 

For people who have been in earthquakes such as the recent earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand, when a train goes by at a short distance from where you are sitting in a bar or when semi-trucks pass you on the road and the ground shakes from the weight and movement of the truck, people with startle response can have a sudden reaction as there’s some similarity of these minor earth shaking events to the many earthquake aftershocks that have been happening in the Christchurch area (about 10,000 aftershocks have been registered since the big quakes in the past year and a half). 

So regardless of the source of the original trauma startle response is one of the common symptoms of post traumatic stress. 

Is there really a way to get rid of it? – Yes, many people have been successful at resolving the underlying causes of it and eliminating their startle response and it doesn’t come back. 

There is a new way to resolve it which involves the use of an exceptional new technique called the CORE Technique. The CORE Technique is a new way of resolving the underlying trauma energies that are held in the body following a traumatic experience. With the CORE Technique you can quickly and thoroughly resolve the underlying trauma and permanently end startle response. 

Recently someone who has been traumatized by the earthquakes in Christchurch did some work with me on resolving startle response. There are lots of aftershocks in the area and when they are strong it was producing startle response for this woman. But she would also get startle response when big trucks would drive by or when she would be near a train when it went by. The ground would shake and immediately she would have a reaction. 

After working with her for about half an hour she reported that it was a lot better. She could notice trucks or trains going by and didn’t flinch. By working on it a second time she said that she no longer had it even with the aftershocks. 

A marine Sargent had been in a trauma from having his encampment be under mortar fire while  on a Forward Operating Base (FOB) in Iraq. He was home from Iraq between deployments and was out on his base near the artillery range during practice. He heard the cannons fire and he dropped to the ground. His buddies told him that it was only the artillery practice but that didn’t stop his startle response. I worked with him for only about 5 to 10 minutes using our techniques and the problem was quickly gone. You can see a video of the session with him here. – Vaporize PTSD

Military Veterans, earthquake victims, rape victims, victims of violent crimes and others have all been able to rapidly resolve startle response and any of their other PTSD symptoms within a few short sessions either as a group training or private, individual sessions. 

For more details on the use of the Human Software Engineering techniques for resolving startle response and other PTSD symptoms see the eBook – Trauma Resolution Made Easy


How to get rid of nightmares… permanently


Do you have nightmares? Would you like them to go away… for good? Of course you would. No one like nightmares. 

The principle reason for having nightmares is having some form of unresolved trauma. Nightmares are a very common symptom of Post Traumatic Stress.  When you have trauma from an event that was just too much for your body to process the unresolved energy held in the body due to the traumatic incident continues even long after the event itself is over. 

It is the nature of the body to want to rid itself of anything unnatural and traumatic energy is certainly not something that a normal natural state for the body to be in. There is a kind of tension in the energy of the residual traumatic stress held in the body and when you begin to rest as in sleep this tension begins to unwind itself. This unwinding or “un-stressing” of the tension results in some kind of very small physical movements. These movements then cause mental activity in correspondence to the physical activity of the release of the stress. This mental activity is experienced as nightmares. 

But the process of release of the traumatic energy just be the rest of sleeping is a very slow and uncomfortable process. People can have nightmares for decades. What is needed is a new approach to resolving the residual traumatic energy in some much more efficient way so that the basis of the cause of the nightmares is simply gone. 

Human Software Engineering has an entirely new approach to the resolution of trauma that is producing dramatic positive results very quickly. And one of the most common reports is that nightmares disappear and don’t come back. Here’s a great example and it is just one of many, many cases where we have been able to eliminate nightmares permanently using Human Software Engineering techniques. 


No Nightmares

For the First Time in 43 years!

One of the most common PTSD symptoms is nightmares. Nightmares are caused by incomplete experiences. A new technique called the CORE Technique is an amazing new method for resolving them. Proper use of this amazing new technique to resolve all of the traumas that are creating the nightmares are helping more and more people to just not have the nightmares anymore.

I worked with a Vietnam veteran named Ernie who had nightmares every night for 43 years. He had been through 17 years of cognitive therapy at the Veterans Administration. He said that he benefited from the therapy but that he still had nightmares from several very traumatic experiences as a result of being in the worst of the war in Vietnam back in 1967. 17 years of cognitive therapy and he still had his nightmares.

Then in one session of using the CORE Technique to resolve the five traumas that were causing his nightmares, that night, he slept nine hours for the first time in 43 years with no nightmares at all. I saw him about a year and a half later and asked how he was doing. He said that he’s been nightmare-free, sleeping eight hours a night ever since that one session. Before that, he could only get a maximum of five or six hours of sleep a night and he was constantly interrupted by the nightmares.

So there’s an enormous contrast between resolving the energy of an incompletion by using the CORE Technique, and attempting to resolve the problem at the level of the content through cognitive approaches. By resolving the energy, we can truly resolve the real basis of the problem. When we deal with the content, we’re really dealing with the periphery and not the real cause of the problem.

This was one of the powerful insights that I got in healing myself from my own PTSD. I was able to resolve the energy of my own traumas and completely free myself of the post-traumatic stress symptoms. So when we use the CORE Technique we are focusing on resolving the residual energy that is stored in the body following a traumatic experience. When the energy is gone, the content flattens out. You may still be able to remember the content but the charge is gone. And typically, it’s gone for good and doesn’t come back, which is really wonderful.

There’s a video of Ernie and other vets sharing about their experiences of using HSE’s trauma resolution techniques to resolve their PTSD as well as a demonstration of resolving a trauma for an active duty marine sergeant using the CORE Technique at –

We’re getting incredibly effective resolution of trauma with these techniques. We’re eager to do additional research that substantiates this both psychologically and physiologically so that we can then really have this become a broad-based training for resolving traumas quickly, thoroughly and permanently.

As of this writing, which is on March 29, 2012, I am in Christchurch, New Zealand where I am helping people with nightmares and other post traumatic stress symptoms to resolve them using the CORE Technique and other trauma reduction techniques from the new field of Human Software Engineering. Several people I’ve worked with here are already reporting being nightmare free after just a short training to learn and use the CORE Technique. The CORE Technique is explained in detail in my eBook entitled – Trauma Resolution Made Easy

For more information and a brief video about our trauma relief project in Christchurch see the other blog post about it which is here –




Free To Succeed

Emotional Competence – The Key to Having the Life Your Really Want

This unsolicited testimonial was received on April 30th, 2012 from S. Carter.

I recently attended a two day workshop in Hamilton with Tom Stone, founder of Great Life Technologies. I attended because I was extremely stressed by my 14 year old son’s behaviour, which consisted of verbal abuse toward me and teachers at school, defiance with everything and non compliance in most things. I initially phoned and asked if I could send him, but it was decided that maybe it would be better for me to attend to learn how to deal with him, as there was every chance he would not be a willing participant in the workshop. 

Since the workshop my relationship with my son has totally changed and his attitude at school has also taken a turn for the better.  The workshop helped me remember how much I loved him and how my reactions to his negative behaviour just exacerbated his bad attitude. The techniques I learned at the workshop were simple and easy to remember, however if I forget there is an audio link to them on Tom’s website.  The change in our relationship was immediate. Even the other day when my son had an explosive and uncontrolled reaction in the car after shopping, I just closed my eyes and accessed my greater awareness place while he got whatever he needed to out of his system. I was barely affected and didn’t try and make it better for him or even snap at him for his tantrum, just let him finish and then carried on as if nothing had happened. It only took minutes for him to calm down instead of most of the day, and we weren’t at each others throats after this episode.  The drive home was great with us conversing and laughing.

It is not as if I have turned into a big softy either. My son still has to earn back privileges that had been denied him before I took this workshop (television, pc and allowance), and understands that he needs to show consistency with attitude in certain areas of his life, but the road ahead looks promising so far. And I know not to fill it up with my expectations of him.

Thank you Tom for this. It was worth every dollar. May it continue to grow at a rapid pace to show everyone the way to a life of peace and joy.

Have you noticed that sometimes you wish that some aspects of your life were better than they are now? It’s quite natural to want more out of life. Pretty much everyone does. But do you find yourself not moving forward toward that better life at the pace that you’d like? And have you wondered why that is but haven’t seemed to really find the answer?

Well, you’re not alone. Most people have the feeling that life could be better but can’t seem to find real answers for how to make it so. It seems like there’s something in the way but whatever it is, it’s well hidden and is evading coming out of hiding.

The main thing that influences how much you succeed in and enjoy your life is the degree to which you are skilled at handling your emotions. Emotional competence translates into maturity, integrity, the ability to be powerfully present, no fear of rejection, no fear of public speaking, no fear of failure, and no fear of success for that matter. Emotional competence means that you no longer are the victim of your emotions. They don’t run your life – you do.

Every situation in life has two basic components, the circumstances and your reaction to those circumstances. Sometimes we can do something about our circumstances but often we can’t. If someone we love dies we can’t bring them back. But with the proper life skills we can do something about our reactions to the various events and circumstances that show up in our lives. However, most people don’t know how to do that.

After all, we don’t get training in emotional competence either in our family of origin or in school. Neither our parents nor our teachers were emotionally competent so they didn’t know what to teach us. What they did by default was to model what they had learned from the conditioning they got from their own emotionally incompetent parents and teachers. The whole focus of education is on intellectual competence and and there is zero focus on emotional competence because the teachers are not trained in what to teach in order to learn true mastery of your emotional life.

In addition, our early childhood conditioning sets us up for being emotionally incompetent, independent of the level of emotional competence of our parents and teachers. When we are little we call get emotionally overwhelmed and nobody likes it. In fact we hate getting emotionally overwhelmed. And even though there seems to be a universal tendency to then become “feeling-avoidant” especially when the feelings are intense, we still get overwhelmed even with all of our efforts to resist feeling things fully.

So it appears to be a real dilemma. Our deep conditioning  to avoid feelings and our lack of any training in how to handle our emotional life results in our not knowing how to resolve emotionally painful experiences. This causes us to accumulate a database of emotional pain and trauma. These deep emotional pains further cause us to develop more “not-useful-emotions” because we then fear that more such painful, unwanted experiences might happen to us in the future.

The result of all of this is that we acquire two databases of not-useful emotions, traumas and reactive emotions. Here’s a picture of what the two databases of not useful emotional looks like.


So what’s the answer to this dilemma? Is there even an answer?

New technologies are being invented all the time in different fields that make it possible to do things that couldn’t be done before. 50 years ago nobody had a cell phone. Now they are everywhere. We didn’t have personal computers – now they are everywhere. Well, what about a new technology of emotional competence? We could really use that!

Fortunately just such a technology has been created. There are now some simple and powerful techniques for developing emotional competence that make it possible to resolve and eliminate both databases of not-useful emotions quickly and easily. These techniques have not been available previously. They are unique and highly effective and they teach you how to do the exact opposite of what you have been deeply conditioned to do.

The techniques are called the Pure Awareness Techniques. There are eight Pure Awareness Techniques in all but two of them are particularly important in the development of Emotional Competence. One is called the CORE Technique. CORE is an acronym for Center Of Remaining Energy and it is a perfect description of how the technique works because it guides you in how to find the center of intensity of the emotional energy field held in your body and how to dive right into the center of this intensity and feel down into the energy field of the emotion so thoroughly that when you finish there is nothing left to feel. Amazingly when you do this properly that particular emotional energy is gone and doesn’t come back. The CORE Technique is the fastest and most powerful way to resolve emotional pain and trauma yet discovered. And it is a lot easier to do it than you would think.

The other technique is called the SEE Technique. This is an acronym for Side Entrance Expansion. The SEE technique teaches you how to take your awareness out to the outer edges of the energy field of reactive emotions such as fear, anger, frustration, disappointment, sadness, etc. Once you cross over the outer edge of the energy field of such emotions you then SEE that the emotion is being created in reaction to a story that is only in your mind. Your perspective is quite different than when you are inside of the energy field looking through it. When you are inside of it looking through it, it colors everything and makes it seem very real, even though it is just a reaction to a story that only exists in your mind. The story is either an expectation that you created about how you wanted life to be (but it isn’t how you wanted it to be) or it is the projection of some kind of negative outcome onto the future. And your emotional reaction is to the story not to reality.

When you extract yourself from the energy field of a reactive emotion you come out of its grip and into a quiet and peaceful place which is the larger field of your own awareness. And as you notice that your own awareness is endless, limitless, vast and calm, you gain a wonderful sense of peace and stability as the energy of your reactive emotion collapses back into the nothingness from which you created it. Sounds amazing and in fact it is.

The discovery of the CORE and SEE Techniques are now making it possible for people rapidly develop emotional competence much more quickly and with a much higher level of competence than any previous technology or techniques have been able to provide. These techniques allow you to remove your inner barriers to succeeding in your life. In fact these are the main barriers to your success. If having the life you really want and being able to enjoy it rather than constantly being the victim of your emotions appeals to you then learn and use the simple, powerful techniques and start stepping into a new reality of more and more success and enjoyment of that success in your life.

You can learn exactly how to do the CORE and SEE Techniques in several of my eBooks and Webinars such as Vaporize Your Fear of Public Speaking, Vaporize Your Fear of Rejection, Live the Continuous Experience of Wholeness, Trauma Resolution Made Easy and others. And we now also have interactive audio instructions on the web and as an iPhone app to guide you through the techniques at your own pace.  

Want to stop being the victim of your emotions and finally become emotionally competent, even develop emotional mastery? That’s the way to really clean out the clutter that’s been keeping you from succeeding in your life. And now with the Pure Awareness Techniques you can do that quickly and more easily than ever before. 

I’m teaching a Free to Succeed weekend seminar in Hamilton, New Zealand on April 20th and 21st. For more information about it call Tracy in Tauranga, NZ at 027-848-0222.