Campaign to Create an Emotionally Competent World

Here is a recorded webinar of about 40 minutes in which Tom Stone the founder of The Global Campaign for Emotional Competence explains all about the campaign, how it works and how you can become involved in helping us all be able to live in a new world in which emotional competence is the standard rather than the exception. This webinar was recorded on May 11, 2012.

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Recorded Webinar – The Global Campaign for Emotional Competence


The Problem – Emotional Incompetence

We live in a world in which people are deeply conditioned in ways that cause them to be quite emotionally incompetent. Emotional Incompetence is the primary cause of many of societies’ worst problems including such things as: crime, addiction, anxiety, depression, a wide array of both physical and mental health problems, post traumatic stress, child abuse, rape, problems with productivity in business, relationship problems in marriages, families, parenting, in education, in the work place, in government and in every area of life. The inability to effectively resolve emotional pain and the deeply conditioned habits of being emotionally reactive, angry, frustrated, disappointed, guilty, ashamed, fearful, anxious, depressed or worried are the primary causes of suffering in human life.

Consider for a moment that we have virtually no training in emotional competence in our educational systems. The entire emphasis is on the development of intellectual competence. This is because the teachers have not been trained in how to be emotionally competent themselves. You can’t teach others how to to be emotionally competent if you don’t know how to be that way yourself.

It doesn’t take much thinking about it to realize that a massive upgrade of the emotional competence level of everyone could do wonders for transforming our world from the current state of ongoing purgatory to a whole new quality of life that for most people would be hardly imaginable.

What would it be like to live in a world in which people were effectively trained and skilled at being able to resolve intense emotional experiences quickly and thoroughly?

  • Conflicts of all kinds would become rare and when they did occur would get resolved quickly and easily.
  • People would be able to be true to themselves without fearing being controlled or manipulated by others.
  • People’s ability to trust and act on their intuition would become normal instead of the exception.
  • Being judgmental of oneself and of others would be minimized if not completely eliminated.
  • People would see the world as a mirror and take any situation in which they might have formerly been emotionally reactive as an opportunity for their own personal growth instead of habitually rationalizing an anger, frustration or depression reaction.
  • People would know how to resolve emotional pain instead of turning to addictive behaviors such as the use of alcohol or drug to self-medicate.
  • The suicide rate would plummet or become non-existent.
  • The need for prisons would diminish to a small fraction of what it is now.
  • The high costs of health care, crime, addiction, divorce, child abuse, lost productivity, absenteeism and even war would be dramatically reduced resulting in balanced national and local government budgets and lowered taxes.
  • It would start to approach heaven on earth.

But is this just a pipe dream? How could it be possible to improve emotional competence to achieve such seeming unbelievable changes in our society?

The Solution – New Insights and Techniques have been discovered.

A new form of training in how to rapidly cultivate a greatly increased level of emotional competence has been discovered and is now available. This unique training is based on penetrating insights into why people are so emotionally incompetent in the first place.

The basic cause of emotional incompetence is that during our pre-verbal development years as humans we all get emotionally overwhelmed. No one likes this kind of experience and as a consequence it appears to be a universal reaction to try to avoid intense emotional experiences whenever possible. When such experiences do occur, there is an enormous tendency to avoid having to feel the painful sensations in the body that are associated with the emotionally overwhelming experiences. We develop the habit of not allowing ourselves to feel these intense sensations of emotions to completion. When left incomplete the residual sensations of these emotional experiences tend to accumulate.  Our “database” or “archive” of old unresolved emotionally painful experiences become a part of the basis of all of the behavioral problems, relationship problems, health problems, etc. listed above.

In addition, people are also deeply conditioned in what can be called “reactive emotions.” These are emotions such as anger, disappointment, frustration, sadness, depression, guilt, and shame to list just a few. These kinds of emotions are typically forms of reactions to unmet expectations. Upon close examination it appears that expectations are stories about how we want things to be in our life or how we don’t want things to be. When life shows up differently than we think it should then we have one or more of these kinds of emotional reactions often leading to impulsive or reactive behaviors that we later regret.

Also included in the category of reactive emotions are those emotions that result from the projection of a possible negative outcome onto the future. Projecting the possibility of negative outcomes onto the future results in the emotions of fear, anxiety, panic attacks, worry and in extreme cases even hyper-vigilance.

Here’s a chart showing the useful and not-useful emotions –

Both emotional reactions to unmet expectations and emotional reactions to projections of possible negative outcomes onto the future are actually not reactions to things that actually exist in the “real world.” They are reactions to stories that we are making up in our mind. We make up these stories in attempts to control how life will show up so that we can feel some semblance of control or safety. However, we delude ourselves as making up such stories only serves to lull us into a false notion of safety or control. Life still shows up however it is going to. This habit is also fundamentally based on the conditioning of resisting feeling things fully mentioned above. We don’t want to have more overwhelming emotional experiences so we try to control how things will happen hoping to not have additional experience that we can’t handle and our ability to handle our experiences well is quite limited due to our pre-verbal conditioning of resistance to feeling fully.

All of this conditioning and the accumulation of our two databases of not-useful emotions are the fundamental causes of people being emotionally incompetent.

What’s needed? How can we learn to effectively resolve emotional pain and reactive emotions?

Unfortunately intellectually understanding the nature of our inner emotional landscape and the causes of both incomplete emotional pain and reactive emotions doesn’t result in increased emotional competence. What is required is to learn new ways of handling our emotional experiences that allow us to do the exact opposite of what we are deeply conditioned to do. Instead of avoiding the sensations of emotional painful experiences we need to learn how to feel into the most intense part of the energy of such emotions and feel the sensation of the emotion in such an effective way that we complete it quickly and easily. How to do this efficiently has been discovered and has been named the CORE Technique.

The CORE Technique – Rapidly and thoroughly resolving emotional pain

CORE is an acronym for Center Of Remaining Energy which is an excellent mini-description of how the technique is done. When you learn the CORE Technique you are guided by a trained facilitator or by an interactive audio program on the internet or on a smart phone to do the opposite of what you have been deeply conditioned to do. Instead of going away from the intensity of the sensation of the emotion in the body you are guided to move closer to it, to allow yourself to feel it more fully than ever before. But this “feeling into it” is done is a way that makes it easy to complete the incomplete experience that you have been holding in your body and avoiding feeling previously. This is done by going to the center of the intensity of the sensation, the place where the sensation is the strongest. This is the exact opposite of what we are deeply conditioned to do.

The sensation of the emotional pain in the body is the experience of the “energy field” of the emotion. This is what gives life to the unresolved emotional experience that the body is still producing in us. Without energy there would be no sensation. Upon close and thorough examination it has been discovered that the energy fields of all such incomplete emotional experiences are very hurricane-like in their structure. Because everyone is so deeply habituated to go away from the intensity of such sensations by default no one knows that right in the center of the most intense part of the sensation there is a small opening. It is like the opening at the top of the eye of a hurricane. This opening is the top of a vortex or funnel that runs down the center of the hurricane-like energy field. But no one knows that this is there because they are so deeply conditioned to go away from the intensity of the sensation of the emotion due to fearing being overwhelmed by it.

But the way out of the emotional pain is not to go away from it. That only perpetuates it.
That only keeps it, because the body doesn’t give up on us. It seems that there is some kind of “experiential wisdom” that the body wants us to get by completing the experience of the emotional energy/sensation. This is not intellectual wisdom but rather experiential wisdom. So the body keeps producing the energy field of the incomplete experience as if to say –“Come on! There’s something here I need you to experience!” But our conditioning says – “No thanks! Maybe later! Or maybe never!” It is this conditioning that causes the accumulation of our database of incomplete emotionally painful experiences.

So the CORE Technique teaches you how to do the opposite of what you are deeply conditioned to do. Instead of going away from the area of the sensation of the emotional energy field, you bring your awareness in closer to it. And if you get close enough you will indeed find the little opening at the top of the vortex of this eye of the hurricane, typically right in the center of the most intense area of the emotional sensation. Strangely enough the way out is actually… IN!

When you become skilled at doing the CORE Technique you quickly learn that it is not only quite possible to rapidly complete old painful emotional experiences, you begin to also feel new strong emotional sensations fully and completely right when or immediately after they occur. This allows you to not add additional incomplete emotionally painful energy fields to your database. When you make the decision to become really good at resolving emotional pain using the CORE Technique you simply use the technique at every opportunity to do so and you rapidly develop this aspect of emotional competence.

The SEE Technique – Escaping the prison of emotional reactivity

The sensations of reactive emotions are quite different than the hurricane-like energy fields of incomplete experiences. Reactive emotions are more like a cloud or aura of energy that radiates out into the space around you and engulfs you. If you recall for a moment what it feels like to be angry or anxious you can probably relate to this. These emotional sensations feel like they surround you and trap you inside of them. From inside of these energy fields you experience that your whole environment seems to be tinted with the quality of the reactive emotion. Everything seems to make you angry or anxious or whatever the reactive emotion is. It’s as if you have on tinted glasses that color everything around you. This phenomenon of being inside of the reactive emotional energy field makes it seem that the emotional reaction is about something that is very real. We aren’t aware that the creation of this cloud or aura of emotional energy is a reaction to a story that we are making up in our mind, a story that doesn’t actually exist anywhere in reality but only in our mind. However, although the story is only in our mind, the experience of the emotion is that it seems to fill up the space around us, coloring our experiences, tinting them with the quality of the emotional energy and making it all seem so very real.

Again intellectually understanding the cloud-like nature of reactive emotions and that these are reactions to stories that we are making up in our mind doesn’t help you to stop doing this. The conditioning of our resistance to feeling things fully keeps us stuck inside the energy field rather than feeling the entire field. What is needed with reactive emotions is to allow yourself to feel the whole field of the energy and then to notice the surrounding quietness. Outside the outer most reaches of reactive energy fields is the spacious, expansive quietness of our own awareness, the very awareness that is allowing us to have the experience of the reactive emotion in the first place.

When you take your awareness outside of the energy field of the reactive emotion something very important happens. You are no longer inside of the energy field looking through it. You now see it from outside of it. This changes the perspective in a powerful way. The energy of the emotional reaction no longer colors your apparent reality. It doesn’t seem real anymore and it begins to shrink and fade away.

At this point it becomes quite obvious that you have been having an emotional reaction to a story that you have made up in your mind. When viewed from outside of the energy field it becomes easy to stop feeding energy into the story and the reaction and the whole energy field collapses back into the nothingness from which you created it.

The CORE and SEE Techniques are very powerful tools for creating emotional competence. When learned and used they accomplish two main things. They resolve the “not-useful emotion” that the technique is being used on and they cultivate a new positive form of conditioning, the ability to feel things fully. As feeling things fully becomes your default way of being you become emotionally competent. This means that when you have strong emotional experiences that you don’t get lost to them. You don’t collapse into being overwhelmed by them and you don’t try to mask them with your “drug of choice.”

What is now needed is a massive dissemination of the training in how to do the CORE and SEE Techniques. Such training leads rapidly to greatly increased emotional competence. The advantages of becoming emotionally competent are innumerable. Emotional competence leads to success in all areas of life. If we want to live in an emotionally competent world then we need to become emotionally competent ourselves and also encourage and support others in learning to become emotionally competent as well.

We are starting campaigns in each country in the world to promote the development of emotional competence for each country. This program is just beginning as of 2012. The countries in which the campaign is just starting are:

  • New Zealand
  • The Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Switzerland

What you can do to help create an emotionally competent world?

If you would like to be part of this campaign to create an emotionally competent world, here are some things you can do:

  • Contribute one more emotionally competent person to your country and to the world by becoming emotionally competent yourself
  • Learn the CORE and SEE Techniques and use them in every opportunity
  • Take the Free to Succeed Workshop and be guided to resolve your incomplete and reaction emotions. Register to receive information about the Free To Succeed Workshop
  • Become a Free to Succeed Facilitator by taking the special training program to learn how to help others become emotionally competent – Register to receive information about this training
  • Become a Free to Succeed Workshop Presenter – take the special training program to learn how to take groups of people through the process of resolving their emotional pain and reactive emotions.
  • This is a powerful way to help large numbers of people become emotionally competent.
  • Become an Ambassador of the Campaign to Create an Emotionally Competent World in your own country. If you would like become an Ambassador of this campaign for your country, email us at

With the new technology of the CORE and SEE Techniques it is now really possible to create an emotionally competent world. The techniques are so simple and yet so powerful that practicing them for even a short time rapidly develops emotional competence. With the development of these marvelous techniques it is now possible to never have to be the victim of your emotions ever again. Just imagine a world filled with people like that!

Get involved!  You can help create an Emotionally Competent World – email us at


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  • Tracy Hamilton:

    Tom I’m so greatful for your knowledge and techniques, Since learning how to do them on the free to succeed seminar so many areas of my life have changed, now I’m very excited to share with others and help them learn how to become emotionally competent, Proud to be part of creating an emotionally competent world.

  • Thank you Tom! Your article on emotional competence, and your global campaign, are very timely, as I am part of a global launch on authentic leadership and emotional intelligence. I took your training on Core and SEE a few years ago in Vancouver, and will incorporate these techniques into my work with clients. Love your big vision!


  • Randall:

    I’ve read “Power of How” and while it resonated with me it seems I’m not able to implement the techniques on my own. I’ve been searching your site for some guidance on finding a pure awareness coach, but without success. I’ve not receive any response from e-mail requests for info either. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

    • susan bornstein:

      If you e-mail info@greatlifetechnologies, they can usually find you a coach in your area. I am a coach, trained in trauma resolution at GreatLifeTechnologies. I was in California in February 2010. I am currently trying to hone my skills and finish my certification test. If you’d like to practice with me, I am available. You can e-mail me at At present, I only have a facebook page. My business is Pure Process Coaching – “healing through awareness”.


  • Edith:

    In Mexico do you have any qualified and certified people that teach “The 12 Core Dynamics of Common Problems”? in Spanish.

    Thank you
    Edith Savage

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