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Making the Impossible Easy

Great Life Technologies creates innovative solutions to problems in health care and personal development, solving problems that have previously been difficult or impossible to solve. We do this by transcending the limitations of previous approaches.

The innovative concepts, principles, models, tools and technologies that allow us to make these seeming unbelievable breakthroughs include:

• Human Software Engineering (HSE) – HSE views all problems as patterns of vibrating consciousness, patterns of energy and information. We’ve been pioneering this new field first exploring what the “bugs” really are in our inner human software and then finding the best ways to “debug” and “upgrade” it. With HSE we are finding solutions to problems that have seemed difficult or impossible to change. Now it has become as easy to solve certain problems as dragging files to the recycle bin or running anti-virus software but on humans… not on your computer.

• The Levels of Life Model – provides the context that allows approaching a problem at its true origin with the optimal modalities.

• The 12 Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning – Provides penetrating insights into the nature of preverbal human conditioning revealing the true basis of problems that occur at the level of Bio-awareness.

• The Precision Intuition Tool – Provides the means for comparing information stored in our cognitive database with information stored in our experiential database, determining if what we think is congruent with what we experience. Also provides methods of determining the energetic influences of various forms of stress on the body and whether or not the stress if present and if our approach will remove/resolve the stressors. 

• The WaveMaker and WaveMaker Pro – Provides a wave interference technology for weakening or strengthening electromagnetic fields in the body. These technologies are used to “debug” and “upgrade” our inner human software at the Bio-energetic Level of Life.

• The Nature of Emotions – Provides a clear understanding of the useful and not-useful emotions. Also reveals the two categories of not-useful emotions – incompletions and reactive emotions as well as the subcategories of reactive emotions – projections and expectations. The chart shows when to use the SEE Technique and the CORE Technique.

• The 8 Pure Awareness Techniques – Provides simple, practical skills for rapid development of emotional competence and the resolution of both databases of not-useful emotions. The Pure Awareness Techniques are used to “debug” and “upgrade” our inner human software at the Bio-awareness Level of Life.

Examples of Human Software Engineering solving difficult or impossible problems

Health Care


The Problem – Attention Deficit Hyper-activity Disorder is a problem of distracted attention and in some cases hyper-activity that is perceived as a wide spread problem with school children as well as adults. The current approach primarily uses stimulate drugs that help the ADHD person to focus and be more calm. This is not curative. It only temporarily reduces the symptoms. As soon as the drug wears off the problem is still there. This creates dependence on the drugs which is of course beneficial to the drugs companies but not to the person with the ADHD. There are numerous cases of long term negative side effects and even deaths from taking these stimulate drugs.

GLT’s innovation approaches the problem of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (DHD) by addressing its real underlying cause. Rather than temporarily mask the problem with stimulate drugs that are used in the current popular pharmaceutical approach to ADHD, GLT’s approach pinpoints and cancels out the patterns of energy in the body that cause the problem.

In most cases of ADD/ADHD the problem originates from an inherited residual influence of the disease Tuberculosis. This is a pattern of energy in the body inherited from someone in one’s ancestry who survived TB and then had children. The TB creates a weakening influence on certain organs and systems of the body that causes the attention to be drawn inward to attempt to heal this disruptive influence.

This means that if someone has an ancestor who had Tuberculosis and had children after contracting the disease that there is an inherited residual influence of the disease that is passed on from one generation to the next. This effect has been known in the field of Homeopathy as a Tuberculosis Miasm and it has been established for decades within Homeopathic knowledge that the TB Miasm is one of the major underlying causes of ADD/ADHD.

In addition recent research in South Africa with children who were treated and survived Tuberculosis-Meningitis concluded:

“We conclude that ADHD is a common long-term complication of TBM.”

The inherited nature of ADHD is acknowledged and is being studied within the Human Genome Project sponsored by the NIH.

A pilot double-blind, placebo controlled, randomized study was done at a learning center in San Diego where young students with learning disabilities such as ADHD are tutored. Individual cases from this initial pilot provide some extraordinary preliminary data. For example, the contrast between a placebo and actual therapy under double blind conditions is shown in the charts on this web page.

Also you will find there a chart showing the changes in academic fluency that we measured pre and post treatment with a standardized test from Woodcock-Johnson. 

Upon seeing these results the director of the Banyan Tree Learning center was asked if she every saw this kind of improvement in two weeks at the learning center and she said not even in a year of intensive tutoring had she ever seen such an improvement. Although only an individual case, if these kinds of improvements are possible for even some percentage of students with ADD/ADHD by using this therapy further research is certainly warranted to see what percentage of a broader ADD/ADHD population also make similar progress or if this is an anomaly.

Reports from clients in clinical settings would incline one toward the possibility that this is more typical than not. Another case is that of a 9 year-old girl with ADD so severe that she could not read more than about a paragraph without her head hurting from the strain of trying to read. Two days after being debugged she read an entire book with no problem. These kinds of reports are common.

Using the WaveMaker Technology and special ampoules from a test kit made by Martin Keymer provides a method of resolving the residual influence of the TB. The pattern of energy is picked up, inverted and amplified by the WaveMaker and sent to the body as a therapeutic signal that cancels out the disruptive influence. This resolves the true root cause of the ADD/ADHD and the effort and disruption caused by this influence are simply gone. It is highly analogous to running anti-virus software on all of the cells in the body. In several thousand cases no negative side effects what-so-ever have been observed or reported.


GLT’s approach to allergies uses the levels of life model to identify which of several possible causes are at the true basis of the allergy problem. Allergies are typically caused by a stress in the immune system that can come from a variety of sources. Using the HSE code checking tool we identify which sources are causing the stress. Then using the WaveMaker Technology and/or the Pure Awareness Techniques the patterns of energy or vibrating consciousness that are truly causing the problem get “debugged” resulting in dramatic reduction or elimination of the problem usually within a few sessions. The following are the results of one study of 200 people with allergies to various allergens.

• (82%) of cases treated were concluded successfully (since the conclusion of therapy patients had tolerated the allergen without reaction)
• (11%) of cases treated improved (the features of the allergy were still present yet over time much less pronounced)
• (5%) of the allergies remained unchanged. No therapeutic success could be identified or, after initial improvement, the same allergy recurred. However abstinence failures during therapy were detected in all members of this group.
• (2%) could not be evaluated since there had been no new contact with the allergen in the intervening period.

More about allergy debugging including before and after photos of a child with neurodermatitis and an inspiring testimonial about elimination of a dairy allergy can be seen – Biophysics Allergy Research


The current conventional approaches primarily include cognitive therapy and/or medications that numb or mask the symptoms of the anxiety, depression, PTSD. These approaches are both expensive and ineffective. Drugs mask rather than solve the problem. Cognitive therapy provides understanding but doesn’t typically resolve the energy that is giving life to the problem.

GLT’s approach starts with the Levels of Life Model. Typically the real root causes of anxiety, depression and PTSD reside at the Bio-awareness Level of Life. Using the Pure Awareness Techniques clients are guided in how to use their innate capacity to feel and experience the energy fields of emotions in ways that are the opposite of what they are deeply conditioned to do. This provides rapid and thorough resolution of the energy that gives life to the anxiety or depression. When people experience this, it is so fast, so easy and so dramatic at resolving something that they have not been able to resolve for a long time that it seems impossible, even unbelievable.

The Pure Awareness Techniques are a precise form of Somatic Awareness. By approaching the problem at the level where it truly resides instead of just masking symptoms, GLT’s approach is to resolve the problem at its source. In one pilot study of using the Pure Awareness to reduce the severity of PTSD symptoms a group of 8 people were trained in the techniques as a class. There were no individual therapy sessions, only the group training that lasted for 6 hours on one day. Pre and post assessments showed a 63% over-all reduction in symptom severity. An additional assessment one week following the training showed a 73% reduction in symptom severity for the group indicating that not only do the positive results late but they get better over time. This is probably because we are training people in new skills for resolving trauma and anxiety within themselves and they can continue to use the techniques to resolve additional traumas and anxieties after the training. They become self-sufficient and greatly increase their emotional competence. Again, no negative side-effects have been observed or reported. The following is a graphic summary of this PTSD pilot study:

Reduction of withdrawal symptoms from nicotine, heroin and other drugs

Another application of HSE is to the reduction of withdrawal symptoms from nicotine, heroin and other drugs. Practitioners utilizing HSE type devices have used this technique in Europe for some years.

A survey of 7 people who were treated with the WaveMaker Pro for nicotine addiction were asked to rate withdrawal symptoms compared with the experience of stopping without any type of therapy (cold turkey). The results are summarized here – Be Smoke Free Now.

In addition, individual cases of heroin addiction have been treated also with dramatic withdrawal symptom relief. This application has the potential to make it much easier for people to stop their addictions to highly addictive substances.

It should be noted that addiction to substances such as nicotine and other drugs has both a physiological and psychological component. It appears that even with making it easy to stop an addictive drug that there is still the problem of having the addict not go back to using the substance to self-medicate. It appears that the underlying problem is the inability to effectively deal with unresolved emotional traumas and stresses. HSE approaches this aspect of the problem by teaching the recovering addict new techniques for effectively upgrading their emotional processing capability providing a superior alternative to self-medication with the substance.

This combined program of reducing the withdrawal symptoms using HSE technologies and upgrading the emotional competence of the individual can in some significant percentage of populations who do want to stop their addictions make the process of stopping and staying stopped much easier. Studying both short term withdrawal symptom reduction and long term sobriety success are both research objectives of Great Life Technologies, LLC. The first priority is to study the withdrawal symptom reduction by itself as there are very limited options for this at the moment and the success rates with this technology seem to be very high as indicated by our survey and other anecdotal clinical reports.

A book about this combined approach of therapies for smoking cessation entitled Be Smoke Free Now written by Tom Stone is available. 

We are interested in conducting double blind studies on the reduction of withdrawal symptoms from nicotine and other drugs that will provide the opportunity to quantify and validate the subjective reports of its effectiveness.

Individualized approach

One important concept used in Human Software Engineering is NOT to assume that the solutions to everyone’s problems are a one-size-fits-all situation. Just as your computer could become infected with any of innumerable software viruses, the same is true for human beings. Our inner human software can become infected by a large range of Inner Human Software “bugs” or “viruses” so HSE has tools for testing to determine what these are and what the best debugging procedures will be for a given problem in a given individual. This again makes it possible to solve individual problems of many kinds where other approaches fall short. 

What is Human Software Engineering?