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How to Develop Emotional Competence

Emotional Competence is probably one of the most important things to develop in human life. The lack of emotional competence is the primary cause of the vast majority of problems that everyone has in their lives. It is the basis of crime, addictions, many wellness/health care problems, anxiety, depression, low productivity, relationship problems, etc. There is hardly an area of life that is unaffected by the inability of people to handle their emotions effectively.

A new technology is changing all of this. This new technology is called Human Software Engineering or HSE. HSE was developed by Tom Stone, co founder of  evolve and founder of the Global Campaign for Emotional Competence.

HSE uses a unique combination of concepts, models and techniques that now make it possible to solve problems that were previously difficult or impossible to solve. Some of the main concepts, models and techniques of HSE include:

The eHSE™ new technology is comprised of these powerful resources:

  • The Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning
  • The Levels of Life Model
  • The Nature of Emotions Model
  • The Pure Awareness Techniques
  • The Precision Intuition Technique (muscle testing)
  • The HSE Protocols
  • The Levels of Emotional Competence Workshops

There is an important purpose to each of these HSE tools.

The Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning

This set of insights provides the answer to the question – What’s really going on? It makes conscious the unconscious patterns of conditioning that are mostly pre-verbal. This is an essential tool for getting to the real underlying basis of any problem.

The Pure Awareness Techniques

The Pure Awareness Techniques provide precise, simple and powerful techniques for resolving the two kinds of Not-useful emotions. They are unique in the personal development/coaching world as they are experiential, they resolve the energy of the not-useful emotions quickly and thoroughly and most importantly they bring you to a state of Pure Awareness at the conclusion of the technique.

The Precision Intuition Tool

This is a new name for muscle-testing or kinesiology. The importance of the learning and using of this tool is that it allows the HSE sessions to be guided by the “knowing” in the body rather than by our “thinking” which tends to be driven by subtle or not-so-subtle emotionally based thoughts.

The Levels of Life

This model combined with the Precision Intuition Tool allows you to know at what level the problem really resides. It helps to avoid pursuing a path of intervention based on your training and assumptions and instead again let’s the “knowing” of the body guide the selection of the optimal techniques to be used for each situation. It is the starting point of any HSE session.

The Nature of Emotions

This model makes the discrimination between useful and not-useful emotions and shows the structure of the categories of the not-useful emotions and which Pure Awareness Techniques are used for resolving them.

The HSE Protocol

The HSE Protocol is a systematic series of steps that are guided by use of the Precision Intuition Tool. This systematic process helps to insure a positive outcome of every HSE session.

The Levels of Emotional Competence Workshops

There is a natural progression of steps to becoming emotionally competent. It starts with learning some simple ways to overcome the nearly universal conditioning of either suppressing your emotions or letting the emotional overwhelm you can push you into crying or depression. The next step involves learning how to experience the energy of the emotions in and around your body in new ways that resolve the energy very quickly and thoroughly.

The next step is to learn how to use the new techniques to get rid of the “not-useful emotions” that are at the basis of negative thinking, anxiety and depression, disappointment, frustration, anger, resentment, heartbreak, and grief.

Evolve’s training in becoming emotionally competent then teaches you how to more clearly distinguish between your intellectual “thinking” and your experiential “knowing.” You also learn how to trust and act on your intuition, easily face situations of confrontation, stand up for yourself and be true to yourself.

You then learn how to not be afraid of being emotionally overwhelmed and how to resolve the fear of uncertainty. You also learn how to stop creating expectations that are not connected to reality and that cause a lot of suffering.

You learn how to remember to use the techniques which seems like a simple concept but people are so used to tolerating their suffering that results from emotional problems that actually remembering to use the techniques is something that is essential to learn in order to properly progress on the upwards path of development of emotional competence.

You also learn how to extract yourself from the phenomena of identification and attachment. Identification and attachment are at the root of human suffering and there is incredible liberation from this suffering when you learn how to come out of the invisible grip that they have on people.

You then learn how to trust and act on your intuition, how to stop being judgmental, how to resolve trauma and how to end addictions.

The next steps involve how to remove the inner emotional blocks that get in the way of being in a state of unconditional love and also those that block the ability to be powerfully self expressed.

There are seven different things that can get in the way of successfully using the techniques. You will learn exactly what to do in each case so that nothing holds up your progress.

Finally you will learn all about a program to fully optimize every area of your life. This is the Optimize Your Life Program that take emotional competence to yet a higher level and brings every area of your life up to functioning at 100%.

The progression to higher and higher levels of emotional competence is also reflected in a progression of better and better experiences of life. You become happier, healthier, wealthier and wiser. Your relationships improve. You income improves, you satisfaction with your work life and home life improve. You sense of well-being, inner peace, lightness and wholeness becomes more and more.

If there is something worth doing in life it is to gain emotional competence. It makes life more enjoyable and successful than anything else.

And now the training in Emotional Competence is available from evolve in a series of 17 workshops taught by evolve Human Software Engineers. Register for this workshop series today and get started on the path of having the best possible life you can live.


The 17 Workshops of the Emotional Mastery Program

  1. Emotional Mastery Level 1 – How to Feel the Energy of Emotions in the Body
  2. Emotional Mastery Level 2 – How to get rid of Negative Thoughts
  3. Emotional Mastery Level 3 – How to get rid of Anxiety and Depression
  4. Emotional Mastery Level 4 – How to get rid of Disappointment, Anger and Frustration
  5. Emotional Mastery Level 5 – How to get rid of Heartbreak, Grief and Rejection
  6. Emotional Mastery Level 6 – The Distinction Between Thinking and Knowing – The Precision Intuition Tool
  7. Emotional Mastery Level 7 – Making the Precision Intuition Tool Reliable Debugging the Fear of Punishment and Confrontation
  8. Emotional Mastery Level 8 – How to Stop Resisting Feeling Things Fully – Debugging the fear of being emotionally overwhelmed
  9. Emotional Mastery Level 9 – How to Stop Creating Unrealistic Expectations – Debugging the fear of uncertainty
  10. Emotional Mastery Level 10 – How to remember to use the Pure Awareness Techniques
  11. Emotional Mastery Level 11 – Identification – The Primary Cause of Human Suffering
  12. Emotional Mastery Level 12 – Trusting and acting on your intuition and stopping being judgmental
  13. Emotional Mastery Level 13 – Being present – How to resolve trauma, emotional pain and end addictions
  14. Emotional Mastery Level 14 – How to Be Unconditional Love
  15. Emotional Mastery Level 15 – How to be Powerfully Self-expressed
  16. Emotional Mastery Level 16 – The 7 Things that can get in the way
  17. Emotional Mastery Level 17 – Optimize Your Life

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