Welcome to the blog for Human Software engineering. Here you will find articles on new ways of solving problems that have previously been difficult or impossible to solve.

Tom Stone has been pioneering the new field of Human Software Engineering since 1994. It’s all about debugging and upgrading your inner human software. The techniques and technologies of Human Software Engineering are extraordinary. They now make it possible to make changes in human life that we could only find in science fiction movies in the past. Now they are becoming a present-day reality.

You’ll stumbled across something really remarkable here. As you watch the videos and read the blog posts you’ll be amazed to learn about the ways that you can transform your life to finally have the life you’ve been longing for. And if your life is already good, you can learn how you can be upgrade it even more! Whether your seeking relief from anxiety, depression or post traumatic stress or you’re interested in rapid and authentic personal or spiritual growth, you’ll find new ways of attaining what you want that are fast, simple and highly effective. I’m sure that you will enjoy exploring the new insights and techniques of Human Software Engineering.

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